Home Financial Modeler
by Pinnacle Paradigms Inc.
Beta Test Program
Most comprehensive, yet simple to use residential property financial modeling tool for your Smartphone or Tablet.
Quickly and Easily Model the Sale of Your Current Property and the Purchase of a New One
Intuitive, Real - Time Design with Built - in Help
Create financial models using intuitively designed screens organized into logical groupings of information, simplifying your navigation through the application. See the results of your changes to the financial model immediately as the application recalculates after each change. Obtain field specific help on any field in your model simply by selecting the field's label.
Determine the Profit Potential of a Residential Property
Sell Your Current Property
Time to sell your current property? Enter information about your current property. Include required renovation work, and let the application suggest your list price, and forecast the expected equity from the sale.
Buy a New Property
Just viewed a potential new property? Enter the financial information to purchase the property (e.g. Purchase Price, Down Payment, Closing Costs, Property Insurance, Legal Costs, Utilities, etc.) and gain an understanding of the total cost to purchase and carry the property from a monthly and annual basis, and over the entire term you expect to own the property.
Buy and Sell Across North America
Are you considering selling and/or purchasing property in another country? Just select the Canadian or American flag to identify the location country of the property being sold or purchased.
Expose All the Costs
Model Multiple Mortgages with Accelerated Payments
Are you planning on leveraging a second mortgage? Use the application to model both mortgages and provide you with a separate payment schedule for each mortgage. Understand the monthly and annual costs to carry each mortgage. Do you want to accelerate your mortgage payments? Apply accelerated payments on one or both of the mortgages and see how much faster you pay down the mortgage principal. The mortgage payments are calculated based on the rules of the property's location country. In Canada include Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) insurance. In the United States decide if you want to leverage a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan.
Understand Your Closing Costs
How much cash will it take to close the property? Gain an understanding of the expected out-of-pocket funds you will need to complete the purchase transaction.
Customize Your Model - Add Item
Does the property you are selling or purchasing have unique characteristics? With the click of one button, add up to 70 unique items with customized labels across your model.
Understand Your Ongoing Monthly Expense
Model Your Expense
Do you know all the expenses required to carry the property? Use the application to enter the monthly (e.g. Heating) and annual (e.g. Property Insurance) expenses and see how much it will cost to carry the property.
Create A Livability Model
Can you purchase the property and maintain your current lifestyle? Use the Add Item feature to include personal and family expenses to gain an understanding of the fully loaded monthly cost to own this property and maintain your current lifestyle.
Generate Revenue and Forecast Your Profit
Model Revenue Generation
Do you plan to rent the entire property, just one room, or a parking space? Determine how much revenue you will generate and how it will enhance your profitability.
Forecast Your Profit - Incorporating Inflation
Is this an investment property you plan to resell, or a primary residence you will eventually sell? Either way, forecast the investment's overall profitability (Compound Annual Growth Rate per year) over the ownership term which may include fully paying off the mortgage.
Enhance Your Model with Additional Information
Add Notations To Your Model
Do you need to make repairs on your current or future property? Make a list of the repairs, and/or add a list of comments about the property and neighbourhood and add the list to your model.
Enhance Your Model with Pictures and Captions
Do you want to remember a feature of the property? Take a picture, and include it in your model with a caption describing the picture. Add up to 10 pictures with captions per model.
Collaborate with Partners
Are you buying or selling with partners? Model the percentage ownership and gain an understanding of the forecasted one-time costs, ongoing carrying costs, and profit for you and your partners.
Rate the Neighbourhood
Is proximity to existing neighbourhood features one of your deciding factors? Choose from 5 levels of desirability for a list of neighbourhood features (e.g. proximity to schools, public transit). Rate the features that will impact your decision. Based on your selected levels of desirability, the application will present you with an overall desirability rating.
Brand and Share Models with Partners or Clients
Brand Models for Your Clients
Do you have a need to create a financial model for others? Enter your profile information and your picture into the application, and all your reports and exported models will be branded with your profile.
Share Your Model
Do you want to review the model with others? Generate reports in PDF format, or export your model to another application user. Share your report, or model through email.